iPhone 14 is the most repairable since iPhone 7 – teardown reveals impressive details

Samsung hasn’t changed its smartphone design architecture since 2015, and Apple, its main competitor, broke the jinx by designing the iPhone 14 from the inside out as one of the biggest updates in one. half decade. During the announcement event, Apple hinted at the ease of repair of the iPhone 14, but nothing like they could have, and that’s a surprise. They should have made it their core agenda alongside Dynamic Island interface exploits to gain more traction.

Just like with iFixit, now is the time for Apple’s new cherry to strip down to reveal new details. Earlier this year, Apple launched the self-service repair program for iPhone SE, 12, and 13 models. The initiative offers genuine Apple parts and tools for DIYers who want to shred their Apple devices. . Now, with iPhone 14, Apple has made things much easier.

Developer: iFixit with Apple

The interior of the iPhone has been revamped compared to its predecessor, just to make it super easy for repair tasks. The removable rear and front windows are something to behold, as Apple has mounted all internal components on a new midframe. This means you won’t have to shell out tons of cash if you break the glass. It used to be $500 on the upside, but with this redesign, the number will drop significantly to $169-$199 for a cracked-screen iPhone 14 or 14 plus.

According to iFixit, Apple has refreshed its approach to design with one thing in mind: to make it easier to repair if something goes wrong. The adhesive on the back is less aggressive and a few screws open access to the front as well as the back. The teardown also reveals the amount of space inside to accommodate the plethora of Qualcomm X65 antennas, camera sensors and modem. Overall, the smartphone scores an impressive repairability score of 7 out of 10, which is a rarity for an Apple device.

iFixit is also working on the iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown and I’m excited to know what’s under the hood of this big boy. One thing is certain, it will have about the same repairability score!

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