iPhone SE 3: Own an iPhone under Rs 12K! Flipkart Announces Massive Price Drop on iPhone SE 2 and SE 3

A smartphone is more than a device for staying connected, as it has multi-faceted use cases today. From networking to finding directions, a smartphone has become the go-to device for all your daily queries, making it all the more difficult to choose the best one for everyone.

If you’re thinking of switching to an iPhone, now might be a good time. E-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon are offering huge discounts on iPhones. Now, it is possible for users to own an iPhone for as little as Rs 12,000. The second generation iPhone SE which was launched in March 2022 can be purchased with a host of offers on Flipkart. The discounts have also been extended to the iPhone SE 3.

Flipkart has announced significant price cuts on the 64GB iPhone SE, priced at Rs 39,900. The platform is offering a discount of Rs 9,401 bringing the price down to Rs 30,499. may lower the price further. Flipkart also offers a currency exchange discount of up to Rs 19,000 which further lowers the price to Rs 11,499. The currency exchange discount, however, highly depends on the condition of the traded smartphone.

On the iPhone SE 3, priced at Rs 49,900, users can avail a discount of Rs 6,000 and a trade-in discount of Rs 19,000. Users can purchase an iPhone Se 3 at Rs 24 900 when combining all discounts.

The smartphone conundrum

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Considering the range of use cases, buying a smartphone is no longer an easy task. Today, markets are flooded with smartphones of all kinds. However, for most users, smartphones with smooth user interface, reliable RAM and upgraded cameras are their preferred choice. However, in this festive season, if you have decided to buy an iPhone, you have a range of offers and discounts to choose from.

When it comes to efficiency and ease of use, operating systems have a huge role to play in smartphones. Android and iOS smartphones are among the most widely used mobile operating systems around the world. However, over the years, Apple’s iOS has found more and more takers. This is mainly due to facets such as ease of use, intuitive interface, security and improved privacy features.

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