iPhone SE in 2022: is it worth buying?

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Apple continues to expand its catalog, as always with a big launch in the fall after the September presentation, in which it reveals the new iPhone and the discounts that will apply to previous models since then, if they are still in sale.

is the domino effect generally makes it cheaper to buy the iPhone in its previous editionsprecisely what is currently happening with models such as the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 or even more, the iPhone SE.

However, if the brand puts new phones on sale every year, it is because it has improvements to present, and obviously this means that a cell phone from one, two or three years ago may be obsolete. on certain aspects.

The new compact Apple mobile has A13 as a processor and NFC for mobile payments, among other main features, although its price is much lower than other iPhones.

If you’re considering buying the iPhone SE in 2022 because you want a cheap iPhone, you might be wondering if it’s worth it., if it is current or if it will not be too old. We have tried to answer this question.

It currently has a price of less than 500 euros in the Apple store, which sells it online while it is difficult and expensive to find it in other stores like Amazon.

  1. really low price
  2. Other Apple phones aren’t much more expensive
  3. More than enough power in 2022
  4. A much smaller screen than usual
  5. WiFi 6 and mobile payments with Apple Pay
  6. Conclusion: the screen is everything

The price is really unbeatable…

The exact price of the iPhone SE in 2022 is 489 euros with 64 GB and 539 euros if we talk about the capacity of 128 GB. It is undoubtedly the cheapest model currently on sale within the catalog of this brand.

Only if you bet on a refurbished or used terminal will you get a better price, which for many people is worth it.

As a mobile for the elderly or for children, it is ideal, since it is inexpensive -compared to other models- and its size is also quite compact.

There are other options if you want to buy an iPhone, of course, but if you value price above all else, the choice is made.

…but the iPhone 12 Mini isn’t too far behind

It is the most powerful and compact Apple mobile. With a 5.4-inch screen, in capacities of 64, 128 and 256 GB and with two 12-megapixel wide-angle cameras.

The closest option price-wise is the iPhone 12 Mini, which we were able to test in its analysis and which currently costs 689 euros. It’s around 200 euros above but it’s a much newer mobile and with key details like the OLED screen.

It is important to assess by looking at their respective analyzes if perhaps you prefer to pay more for a current mobile, which will surely have a higher starting value if you plan to resell it in 2-3 years to exchange it for a other.

Admittedly, the iPhone 12 Mini is “mini”, but not that much: its screen measures 5.4 inches against the 4.7 of the iPhone SE.

Its processor ensures that iOS will continue to perform like a shot

This mobile comes with Apple A13 Bionic as a processorwhich was the best processor of its day and is still a pretty capable chip in every way.

Not only can it handle the latest versions of iOS, but it also lets you run absolutely any iOS app or game, on a very small screen, yes, but it is.

The fluidity of this mobile was excellent at the time and it still is todayso unless you want to do something very specific with your phone, something that requires the latest Apple processor, it has everything you need.

4.7-inch screen: by far the most compact Apple mobile, and it’s a problem or a virtue

The new compact Apple mobile has A13 as a processor and NFC for mobile payments, among other main features, although its price is much lower than other iPhones.

It is clear that the iPhone SE (2020) has a much smaller screen than usual even in the smallest mobiles of 2022. They measure 4.7 inches, a size unthinkable for some time.

Fits perfectly in the hand and even in the tightest pocketsand this can work in its favor, although if you are used to mobiles over 6 inches – which is normal – this setback will cost you dearly.

Obviously, viewing videos and even texts is complicated, another element to evaluate before deciding whether or not it is worth buying the iPhone SE in 2022.

With WiFi 6 and NFC, you don’t miss a thing in connectivity

Although it officially went on sale in 2020, it already had several connectivity points that allow it not to lose quality in these two years, such as WiFi 6 and NFC to pay with Apple Pay.

These are two elements that have already become essential for many people, even if it does not have 5G, which on the other hand may have less weight at the momentgiven the difficulties faced by many countries – Spain as well – in extending coverage.

The two characteristics we have mentioned make it a safe bet for several years from now.

Conclusion: the price is right, but the screen is an even more important factor

The new compact Apple mobile has A13 as a processor and NFC for mobile payments, among other main features, although its price is much lower than other iPhones.

The conclusion is quite clear: Buying the iPhone SE (2020) is a wise move if you don’t mind having a very, very small mobile. In all other cases, it would be better to look at other options.

For power, connectivity and software, you can’t blame it two years after hitting stores, and it shows that Apple is building devices with exceptional durability.

For the 489 euros it costs, there are few better mobiles in generalespecially if you are a loyal Apple user.

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