IPhone users claim excessive battery drain after iOS 14.6 update, Apple has yet to fix the issue


Apple iPhone users around the world are complaining about an over-draining battery issue after the software version updated to iOS 14.6 which started rolling out last week. According to user reports on the web, the alleged issue apparently mainly affects iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro users. Notably, this despite the fact that Apple brought a battery recalibration tool for the iPhone 11 series with iOS 14.5 released in April. At this time, the cause of the battery drain remains unknown, and the company has yet to officially address the issue.

According to a 9to5Mac poll via Crowdsignal, more than 1,600 out of 2,477 voters are experiencing excessive iPhone battery discharge following the iOS 14.6 update. An iPhone 11 Pro user on Twitter said: “I contacted Apple Support, they told me to calibrate the battery for three days simultaneously but did not help me… even the 14.5 update reduced the maximum capacity of my battery from 88% to 86%. ” Another iPhone 11 user notes that the smartphone ran out of battery in 16 hours despite disabling Bluetooth, background app refresh and personal hotspot. Notably, this is not the first time that iPhone users have complained about a battery issue with iOS 14. As of December 2020, many users with older iPhone models such as iPhone 7 , the first generation iPhone XS, iPhone 6S, and iPhone SE reported similar issues after updating to iOS 14.2. Meanwhile, users who are facing battery over-discharge issue are advised to turn on battery saver and remove it. unnecessary applications until Apple releases a fix.

As a reminder, Apple released iOS 14.6 for iPhone 6s and beyond ahead of the next Apple Global Developer Conference which begins on June 7. The system update brings new features like Apple Card Family and AirTag related changes. It also fixes unlocking issues with Apple Watch, empty reminders, missing call blocking extensions in settings, bluetooth issues, and sluggish performance on startup.

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