Maintain iPhone battery health! Tips for maintaining the Batt quality of your device


Maintaining the health of your iPhone battery can be a difficult task at first. However, once you know the basic tips, your device will have the best battery quality for as long as possible.

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There are many reasons why the quality of the power source of your expensive handset decreases further. To give you more ideas, here are some of the things that might affect your device’s battery life.

  • Super hot environment.
  • The battery always reaches 0%.
  • Use the phone while charging.

Now that you know some of the reasons why your battery life is suffering from damage, you can follow the tips below to extend its quality.

Maintain iPhone battery health

Apple Insider has provided some tips on how to maintain your iPhone’s power cell. These methods are also based on the reasons provided above:

#TechTimesLifeHack: Maintain iPhone Battery Health!  Tips for maintaining the Batt quality of your device

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  • Since the high temperature greatly affects your handset, you should remove it from very hot areas. Apple explained that the temperature your device can withstand is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you leave your phone in a warmer place, your battery might suffer long-term damage.
  • In addition to removing your device in a very hot area, you should also avoid draining your handset’s battery. You should not allow it to reach 0%. Once your gadget notifies you of its battery status, the best thing to do is charge it.

For more details on these methods, you can check this link.

How to fix the battery life of your iPhone 13?

According to the latest Slash Gear report, there are several tips to improve the battery life of your iPhone 13. Here are a few:

  • Reset your iPhone settings. Always make sure to do this regularly so that your phone’s power consumption gets back to normal.
  • Try low power mode once your wattage is below 20%.
  • Close apps that are draining the battery. You can check the consumption of your app by visiting the app manager.
  • Change the location tracking settings.

In other news, the iPhone 13 leak revealed that the device may have a 48MP camera. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone 13 shipments could be increased by 30% by 2022.

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