Martin Lewis advises “paying way too much for your mobile phone”

Martin Lewis has encouraged users of mobile phones to seek better jobs, saying many people are paying way too much.

During a episode of ITV’s Martin Lewis Money Live Show, the financial guru urged users to seek better jobs and avoid paying.

Thursday night’s event was dedicated to helping viewers cut the cost of their bills as they went on to climb the energy bill.

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Martin has devoted the first part to explaining how people can reduce their mobile phone bills.

The average 4GB phone price has halved in the past five years and has been urging people to check the contract, reports the Liverpool Echo.

He said, “If you haven’t made or changed your mobile phone, you’re probably too.”

“My big question would be, have you paid £10 a month?” What’s so?”

Martin posted his advice with his Twitter followers and surveyed over 30% of people pay more than £30 a month for a mobile phone found.

And he said, “If you make a portion of that chocolate, it’s pretty good. If there’s a lot that you’re wrong, it will be pretty good.”

“Perhaps if you had poor credit and you had previous pay, but you weren’t too expensive.”

Martin has recommended that people change their SIM card in order to reduce the mobile phone price bill.

Money Saving Expert models cheap SIM deals starting from as low as £6 per month for a 10GB deal with Lebara.

Martin explained that less-known providers piggyback their code on four larger wallets so people shouldn’t be worried about the drop in service.

He said: “If you want to cut your finances, you can save the same code, but change it to a different virtual network.”

The champion also said that anyone who wants to send a SIM card can keep a running mobile number up to 65075 for free by texting PAC.

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