Microsoft announces open app store rules that it’s okay to test new laws

Microsoft announced a set of best practices called Open Principles App Store for the Windows app store and future console game market. Microsoft directly admits it’s not going to do what Google and Apple have been charged with — as unfair as developers who struggle to gain advantage over their app stores. The principles are set to allay fears about the recent acquisition of Microsoft’s Activisio Blizzard, the technology giant’s two biggest rivals, drivers of their restrictions and lawsuits.

Microsoft says the App Store Open Principles are based on app legislation considering governance around the world, including the United States and the European Union. “We want administrators and the public to know that as a society, Microsoft is committed to adapting these new laws and making a move with these principles,” he reads.

Notably they don’t cover Windows, where Microsoft has already made concessions like letting developers use their accounts and opening their own Windows Store app to third party stores as well as reducing its multiplayer windows. Microsoft has now hinted that it will finally open its own Xbox store at the same time: “As Windows has developed into an open and wide-used platform, we see the future of the game following a similar path”.

They cover four main floors;

  • Quality, Safety, Security & Privacy Microsoft promises privacy control for users and support for all developers who are “standards reasonable and clear”
  • Accountability: Microsoft will keep its app to the same standards as third party apps, and around third-party private analytics apps will not compete with them.
  • Equity and Transparency; Microsoft will not deliberately put its apps on top of the competition and will employ clear guidance consistently
  • Customer Choice: NOTE: Do not use Microsoft’s payment system for in-app purchases; Microsoft will not harm them if they do Microsoft will not require Microsoft to offer more content than other apps in the game; developers communicate with developers directly about pricing

When it comes to other tablets to be known, the last number is probably the most notable: since Apple and Google already have fair, clear, accounting, and privacy and security controls, as well as sticking with their rivals Microsoft. in-app safe systems and fight awesome on-court battles like Epic v. Apple cause.

The rules, however, are similar to those announced by Microsoft last year on Windows, and a ton of proposals are pretty much intangible like the Open App market act, which acted in a U.S. Senate vote next week. Microsoft President Brad Smith approved the Open App Markets Act polltweeting that it would “promote and ensure equity and innovation in the economy” Microsoft renews its support for today’s payment legislation.

But when it was done earlier, Microsoft’s own Xbox platform doesn’t hold up to the same standard as Windows. The current Xbox store will follow the principles in the first three sections, but not the rules of customer choice – which contain the most controversial and potentially valuable features, and both Apple and Google have fought the most valiantly. “We’re committed to close the gap in the remaining stages of the season,” the announcement reads, saying that “the next step is to build the next generation of market games.”

One advantage of this is that Microsoft, which is the most popular company, has an expensive store on Xbox One where it offers special deals on some companies (see number 2 here), but has had trouble using it to get control of its windows even after many years. no mobile platform at all since the failure of Windows Phone.

The company is now committed to strengthening the gaming ecosystem for certain decisions on the gaming ecosystem, which balance out gamers who worry a lot about Microsoft-Actvision Blizzard: Microsoft promises to keep it. Shout of service and other Blizzard Action titles on the PlayStation console “outside the existing agreement.” But it seems that they do these tasks on a case-by-case basis.

Microsoft has outlined the contrast between Windows and Xbox. “It’s important to know the emerging laws that are drafted to the platforms that matter most to users and users: PCs, mobile phones, and other common computing devices,” he says. “Emerging legislation has not been drafted for special computing devices like game consoles for just reasons.” The open market ACT app, for example, effectively removes consoles from its proposed rules.

Microsoft accounts include key argument e Epic v. Applewhere Epic had to distinguish iOS from the comparable Xbox ecosystem closed. Game consoles, specifically sold out, are at a loss for establishing a robust and viable gameplay ecosystem for game developers. The cost will then be recovered through the revenue emoluments in the dedicated console store,” he said.

In other words, the console’s business model requires a fenced garden, and lawmakers and legislators have not said otherwise. Now, Microsoft is providing timely openings, but its games ecosystem is still not yet stimulated.

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