Mind-blowing new iPhone trick solves one of the internet’s BIGGEST problems

APPLE is about to rid us of the internet’s most annoying thing in its next big iOS update for iPhone.

The tech giant is working on a way for us to stop doing those irritating CAPTCHA challenges.


No more boring CAPTCHAsCredit: Reddit

These are weird tests where they ask you to choose things like traffic lights or tractors from a selection of images.

Sometimes they ask you to type random letters and numbers which are written in a weird way.

CAPTCHA is designed to help computer systems detect that you are a human and not a robot.

But as the machines got smarter to outrun them, the challenges got trickier – and arguably more frustrating.

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According to a screenshot of an iOS 16 beta tester, Apple is working on a very useful way to automatically complete these tests for you.

A setting under the Password and Security bit of the new OS has an auto-check option.

The description reads: “Bypass CAPTCHAs in apps and on the web by allowing iCloud to automatically and privately verify your device and account.”

It’s definitely one of those little updates that would make a huge difference.

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Users on Redditwho spotted him, have already called him a “game changer”.

iOS 16 offers many important changes, including new ways to customize your lock screen like never before.

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The update will be available for iPhone 8 and newer.

We’ll have to wait for iOS 16 to see if the new verification option becomes a reality – it probably won’t be until September.

The new version of iOS should be released later this year


The new version of iOS should be released later this yearCredit: Getty

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