Next OS should (but won’t have) MagSafe

Now, a preview of the next-gen iPhone SE looms, giving us an idea of ​​what to expect from Apple’s next more budget-friendly mobile offering. It looks like it could be in an iPhone XR or iPhone 11 chassis – likely the former to help keep costs down – with a single-lens camera and standard Face ID setup. It will hopefully include an LCD display for aluminum contact lens wearers who suffer from the incessant strobes of Apple’s OLED pulse-width modulation.

But what about MagSafe? Seems like a huge missed opportunity to delay the introduction of MagSafe to the low-end iPhone beyond this next generation – especially as the SE goes over a year between generations – or, god not please, never include the feature at all. I mean, just think of the MagSafe accessory sales floodgates opening as a result of more people than ever carrying this marvel of magnetic technology in their pockets. Even if many or even most opted for cheaper counterfeit MagSafe type accessories, there would still be a large new market of people willing to shell out for the premier MagSafe experience in a complete walled garden.

Perhaps its potentially impending absence is down to the logistics of SE design, like the core logic of minimizing both cost and changing existing production methods. Or maximizing space within the body of the device itself, especially when LCDs already take up more space than OLED (and, again, Apple: you better keep using the LCD screen ).

Anyway, it would be a real shame to see the next SE do without a fairly important (but mundane, once you get used to it) feature like MagSafe. Not because it’s really important or anything, but because I’m going to make do with all those accessories (especially the handy battery) I spent my money on trying to use iPhones with screens OLED in the past two years?

Well. Here’s some good stuff from fourth-gen SE. Or we can always keep dreaming to the fifth and beyond.

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