Not very excited about the iPad 10? Check out T-Mobile’s cool half-off iPad 9th gen deal

By no means is Apple’s most sophisticated or technologically advanced new product will be revealed this year The 10th generation “regular” iPad has been leaked in two different times Undoubtedly the building in recent weeks some hype among the most financially accepted fans in the world’s best-selling family of records.

But if you’re disappointed to see more or less the same thick screen bezel and “traditional” front-mounted fingerprint scanner as last year or you still only want to buy next year’s version of the non-Pro, non-Air, and non-mini iPad for some reason, that’s very good news. we came today
The kind of news that basically gives you the ability to buy an iPad only two months before the launch of the upgraded edition, when it said that the 2021-released 10.2-inch slate currently costs 50 percent less than usual T-Mobile.
Obviously, we are talking about a ready-to-use cellular model here, requiring a new 5GB or higher mobile Internet line of service and a monthly payment plan for the payment of said payments to drop from the standard $19.17 to $9.58 over two years, a total of 230 lions for $459.99.

There are no other strings attached to this hot new deal, which may not seem as attractive as T-Mo’s free Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and Alcatel Joy Tab 2 promotions … until you realize that the iPad 9 has never been this affordable before. No, not even in a Wi-Fi-only configuration.

Naturally, you’ll have to settle for 64 gigs of internal storage space for $230, as well as a slower processor and perhaps a slightly smaller display than the upcoming iPad 10. But the current (and possibly future) value for money is essentially unique, with the capture Bright Lake software and user experience consider the advantages over Android tablets at a low price.

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