Nothing Phone (1) is available for £24.20 with these FREEBIES on O2; Check out other offers

Not planning to buy a new phone (1)? Check out these exclusive offers on O2.

After months of buzz around it, the new Nothing Phone (1) is the only smartphone on the market with its unique sit-through design. Well, it’s a feature drawn from the back that was the talk of the town, the hot Glyph Interface. With a bunch of customizable options for these flashing lights, users have the option to set them to work when someone calls you or even indicate how much has been charged. If you’re already excited about the Zero Phone (1) and planning to buy this latest Android smartphone, then know that you have the chance to grab it with some amazing freebies at O2. All you need to know is Nothing Phone (1) is what we’re doing here.

No Phone (I) price on O2

Nothing has launched its first Android smartphone with a starting price of £399. Every now and then there is no makeup. However, there is another way that you can use this interesting recipe and some freebies! The provider O2 has an exclusive offer of British telecommunications services. The smartphone comes with one huge bonus along with the contract. I mentioned to O2 that when you buy Nothing Phone (1) you will enjoy up to six months of free Disney+ access. It’s worth noting that the usual cost of Disney+ starts at £7.99 per month.

Does it seem interesting? Be aware that the O2 contract splits the price between the cost of the phone and the Airtime plan. Not only that, you also need to keep the Nothing Phone (1) for three years to get the lowest price through Airtime contract for 24 months. If you’re thinking of buying a No Phone (1) with a free Disney+ subscription through O2, make sure it’s the cheapest option.

The Nothing Phone (1) in white color variant with 256GB storage variant is available for £24.20 per month on O2. Along with Disney+ for one month, you also get free 3GB of data, free calls, unlimited texts and data roaming up to 25GB when in the EU. In addition, you can trade in your old device and save more on your monthly bill.

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