Optus confirms plans to increase mobile phone calls in August 2022 – even if you are in contract

Optus has confirmed that to increase the cost of some mobile phone through its network.

Customers are encouraged to press back their e-mails after the telecommunications giant announced the price to impacted logged-in users this week.

Optus says it plans to increase some mobile phone calls by $4 per month on August 8, 2022, although customers are already on contract.

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The company offers increased data to customers affected to offset price rises.

In a statement to 7NEWS.com.au, an Optus spokesman acknowledged the increase would be a blow to many customers who are “struggling financially”.

“The ongoing investment in increasing performance and upgrades to services, increasing data demand in our network, and increasing costs of goods and services means that we have made a difficult decision to increase prices on our selected mobile devices,” the spokesman said.

General image of Opti in Melbourne. Credit: LUIS ASCUI/AAPIMAGE

“Optus” will strive to continue to deliver unique value, meaningful differentiation and selection for our clients.

“We have contacted our customers directly to let them know that their monthly fee has been increased from $4 per month, which will include extra information for our future.

“We know many have hit the pockets of hip customers – mortgage growth, transport, petrol – and many have struggled financially.

“Powers are specially trained people who help their clients to experience the hard work and design that will help them get back on their feet during tough times.”

The news price hike has already attracted criticism online, with many Facebook users sharing concerns about social media.

“Heads for what I would think of when they raise their prices…even though they are still in contract. check your emails,” said one customer on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page.

Customers have shared their unhappiness over the price rise on social media. Credit: Markdown Addicts Australia/Facebook

Another said: “And this I received.” Don’t impress! I thought I could change the price on the contract.”

The third wrote: “It is ridiculous, I received the same letter.”

One added: “This is where it really hurts to hit me. Groceries, mortgage, everything up until now. Enough is enough.”

The Opti Mobile Phone Terms and Conditions says: “We can make changes to your policy, including the price. This could include you moving to a new policy that may cost more.”

Other social media users have appealed to customers who look to economic activities to reach Optum and run out of their choices.

“I’ve seen lots of unfortunate people with their Optus plans. I just got $10 off a month,” said one.

“Send them a message. I’m talking with 3 different people most of the morning, but it was worth it.”

Another wrote: “Farewell when I would, you raise a price if, as you charge me, they will pay a price for your advice.”

“Ten minute chat and I’m $5 off over the next 12 months, so I will actually save $1 a month now.”

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