PM denies saying if he knew about Joseph Muscat’s plans to search for

Prime Minister Robert Abel on Thursday declined to say if he was warned by police to investigate the home of his ancestor, Joseph Muscati.

Speaking to journalists outside Castello, Abel Muscati repeated how PN MP Jason Azzopardi appeared to know about the investigation’s thoughts on Sunday morning.

Abela denied that he had received any threats from Muscat, saying the prime minister has every right to defend his prime minister’s dignity.

Burmarrad police investigated a house in Muscat on Wednesday as part of a corruption investigation in Global Vital Healthcare (VGH) hospitals.

Robert Abel is addressing Jacob Borg outside the castle on Thursday. Video: Jonathan Borg

Financial crime investigators entered the house around 7am and spent at least three hours on the premises, taking the prime minister’s phone, along with his wife Michelle and two daughters.

While expressing his loyalty to the country’s institutions, Abel said he felt he was obliged to speak about the seizure of mobile phone from the Muscati clan.

In comment to Times of Malta After the investigation, Muscat dropped out of a settlement to research his teenage daughter’s phone calls.

Abel said that it is important that he maintains a sense of proportionality, and that they seem to have submitted a general opinion about phone captions.

Similar inquiries are carried out by the investigators through electronic devices.

Abel denied the threat of making telephone calls to an officer during his tapestry of the seizure.

The Malta Times revealed in November how the former prime minister received €60,000 from Accutor AG, the company that in turn received a million dollars from Steward Healthcare, when it received a contract to meet three public hospitals from VGH.

It is understood police were ordered to ask investigators to determine whether payments in the Muscati Bank of Valletta account could have been linked to the corruption deal by Accutor AG.

“My message stands, no one is above the law, everyone is equal,” said Abel.

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