Pro wrestler tracks down and preys on thief by tracking stolen Apple AirPods

A quick thought from a few pro wrestlers resulted in one of them getting his purse back and the thief being arrested. But that’s only part of the story. What happened throughout is a tale.

According to PWInsider, after landing in Tampa after a series of NWA TV tapings, pro wrestler Natalia Markova discovered that her purse was missing. After she was unable to find her purse and it was confirmed by flight attendants that she hadn’t left it on the plane, she thought someone had stolen her purse.

Fellow wrestler Bryan “Mercurio” Idol had the idea to ask if Markova had anything in her purse that would allow him to be tracked. Markova’s Apple AirPods were in the purse, so she used the Find My app on her iPhone and discovered that the person with the AirPods was heading to a Walmart in Pinellas Park, Florida about 40 minutes away. drive from where they were.

Upon arriving at Walmart, Markova received a fraud alert that someone was trying to buy a $700 television using her credit card at that same Walmart, so they were on the trail. They went to the registers and recognized a man who was on their flight and had a big screen TV in his cart. The two confronted the man, who fled and left Markova’s credit card at the checkout. Idol chased after the thief and tackled him.

Local police received calls about a fight at Walmart, but when they arrived they quickly realized the two wrestlers were arresting a robber and he was under arrest. The man admitted to returning the purse to the American Airlines information desk, but took $600, credit cards and AirPods from the purse before acting like a good Samaritan. Markova promised that she would not press charges if she got everything she did back.

According to the police report, the man “apologized for stealing the money and cards and knew it was wrong.” He was released because Markova refused to press charges and he had no active warrant.

As a thank you, Markova created a GoFundMe to raise money for Idol for his birthday and to fix an old van he owns. And to allay fears that this could be a scam by someone impersonating Markova, Markova posted an article on the GoFundMe on his Twitter account while the campaign was shared by the official NWA Twitter Account.

[PWInsider/Photo: @PWInsider on Instagram]

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