Apple has likely delayed its foldable iPhone until 2025 and the company is exploring all-screen foldable MacBooks, according to Ross Young, analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC).

In a new DSCC report on upcoming foldable and rollable devices, Young explained that Apple’s long-talked-about foldable ‌iPhone‌ has been delayed until 2025. This appears to be a significant delay from previous predictions according to which the device will launch in 2023 or 2024. News of the delay comes after discussions with supply chain sources suggesting that Apple is in no rush to enter the foldable market.

Despite postponing its foldable ambitions for the ‌iPhone‌, Apple is reportedly exploring the possibility of offering all-screen foldable laptops. The company is reportedly talking to its suppliers about foldable notebooks with screens around 20 inches.

Young said the device could form a new product category for Apple and result in a dual-use product, capable of functioning as a laptop with a full-size on-screen keyboard when folded and as a monitor when folded. is unfolded and used with an external keyboard. The foldable could also enable 4K resolutions or higher than the size Apple is investigating, Young added.

The foldable notebook’s launch schedule is “probably later” than 2025, with 2026 or 2027 being offered as reasonable possibilities. The revelation of Apple’s interest in the foldable laptop segment is seen as “good news for the foldable space” in general.

Young revealed a litany of specific information about Apple’s plans, such as the iPhone 13 Pro‘s ProMotion display, the sixth-generation iPad mini’s screen size and bezels, mini screens -14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro LEDs with ProMotion, and more. More recently, Young sparked rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro’s pill-shaped, punch-hole TrueDepth camera design to replace the notch and June release date of the iMac Pro mini-LED.

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