RUNNING OUT: I landed with a £600 fee to cancel a late wife’s mobile deal

My wife died on April 23 and while sorting her business Three rang to cancel her phone contract.

I was told that this could not be done because in September last year I had introduced a contract for two years.

If I wanted to delete this, it would cost me 600 pounds, or I need to pay 44 monthly installments until September 2023. That adds up to about 700 pounds. Please help.

DH, Gwent.

phone calls to a 600 pound pound reader asked me to reopen my wife’s mobile deal recently, but the cancellation fee later stopped.” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

Our first three mobile phone calls to a 600 pound pound reader asked me to reopen my wife’s mobile deal recently, but the cancellation fee later stopped.

Sean Hamilton replied Mobile phone companies are known to be willing to pay out due to foul penalties threatened on their first contracts.

The business theme is, of course, that you need to back up the upfront cost of a mobile device that is paid at some point.

But to be so cool to a newly orphaned customer is not to be tolerated. Immediately with three consecutive entreaties I ask that you make this manifest injustice your right.

As a result, the purchasers of his services are in touch with you to offer his condolences and offer an apology, explaining that your person has renounced the death of your wife and is ill-equipped to deal with the bereaved. You had incorrect information.


If you enjoy the last minute of summer, beware of the fraudulent online advertising of fake villas and hotels.

Victims of vacation booking scams lose an average of £1,200, according to Lloyds Bank.

Many people are deceived into paying for an accommodation that is not available — and staff disappear immediately.

Holiday makers should be extremely wary when using Facebook, as nearly two-thirds of this type of social media pews arise.

Stick to trusted websites such as Airbnb and Expedia. And always check on buyers reviews before delivering any payment.

Usually, if buyers pass three phone contracts, the plan is to shut down the account without a charge. This is valid even if the customer is not an account holder.

The three corrected his mistake, recently canceled his wife’s contract, and granted him an indult fee.

You could even save his phone and a couple of days later he sent you food, confused to say that you were sorry that he had failed you in this case.

When I caught up with you this week, I’m thankful that you’ve sorted your story and have had the problem sorted, although it appeared to have been an upsetting event at the time of the disillusionment.

A tribal spokesman said: ‘We apologize to DH for the difficulty of closing this system – our customer service standards were not unusually high on this occasion. We will conduct further training with our team based on this experience.

Bulb Energy I’m asking to pay £819 but never installed

Bulb Energy has been harassing me for eighteen months, although my energy has never been used.

When I left London in August 2020 as a property tax, I purchased tariffs. I called Bulb and I gave them an e-mail and I didn’t confirm my phone number so I wanted to sign in.

But I chose British Gas, which had asked me for electricity and gas until December 2021, when my account would be terminated.

With background, in September 2020, I was notified by Bulb that I had been contacted by another provider to receive my copy and that it was not working.

I have received emails so many times, asking me to fix a direct debit.

In October 2020 the partnership was languishing with British Gas. In this place I noticed that the bulb had an accurate speech of which I also spoke.

In February of this year I asked what I could do so that the customer never contacted me again.

The agent told me that if I only paid £24 pounds outstanding for my account, the dispute would be settled.

Wishing to preside over all these things, I gave it. Then, this March, I received a heavy email indicating that my account is in debit.

I try to do the last thing on my mind.

SR, London.

Our Bulb Energy reader has been bothered to pay the bill for 18 months - but has now apologized and wrote the £819 bill.

Our Bulb Energy reader has been bothered to pay the bill for 18 months – but has now apologized and wrote the £819 bill.

I’m worried that your case might be difficult to resolve, because Bulb is one of the many energy hazards cases on the market, which saw more than 30 suppliers go ahead last year.

But unlike smaller firms, whose customers were transferred to a new provider by arranger Ofgem under the direction of “ultimate partners”, Bulb was considered too big, and was therefore placed in “special administration”. This involves taking the firm name Teneo in the energy management company.

The upshot is that Bulb, which has 1.6million residential customers, is trading as before, though buyers hope it is going to go out and the company will be sold. Bulbus still inquires what this will mean to you.

So I asked the firm if anything could escape the situation. My intervention worked, since within two days I tracked down your case and decided.

Turns out your dummy bill has nothing to do with the financial difficulties of a lease.

A problem has arisen due to confusion of meters. Your Domesday property was once divided into three fields, and it was restored into two possessions at the time when it had been moved in that place.

The former tenant had been recruited by Bulb, but when asked to switch from Bulb to British Gas, the latter was mistakenly linked to an overflow meter that served as the third plane.

This led to the changes in the process, and why you were sent out with the necessary requests.

Although the error meter was not the fault of the bulbs, the company agreed with your frequent requests for help to handle the issue pretty quickly.

Bulb apologized and wrote a £819 bill. He even paid £24 for your cake so that the problem went away.

Straight to the point

My Netflix subscription costs £5.99 a month. But in March two payments were taken. He said this was going to be a fraud on my bank and that I was refunded. But Netflix claimed that one amount was paid and my account was suspended.

WB via email.

You are frustrated by Netflix’s lack of customer service. When I asked the firm to inquire, the orator refused to explain what had gone wrong. For those suggested you contact the customer’s services on 0808 196 5391 or via online chat:

When I left £20 I got an ATM from my local Post Office. My balance was just £52.91 – about £1,000 less than expected. When I checked online at home, the system showed me the correct messaging. What has happened?

PT Stockport, Gtr Manchester.

The Post Office insisted that the cash was broken and that I was pointing it towards your bank. When I sent Lloyds a printer showing that you had received a smaller balance, the speaker said it was not on your account and it was reported to the buyer who had used the machine before.

My 32-year-old god-daughter jumpsuit on eBay reviews shortly before she died. Someone bought it and her mother dutifully posted the item. But the eBay account was then shut down and we were told that the money could not be tracked or paid.

SJ, Sandhurst, Berks.

Ebay says it is very hard to hear about your experience and you have now paid 70£ per pound, which includes a small amount of compensation.

The company connected with me saying that it could help recover unclaimed matrimonial provisions.

I did not fill out the online form as I requested personal details like our National Insurance number. Is this scam?

ML, Wirral, Cheshire.

There is no need for a third party to claim matrimonial allowance, be wary of all companies carrying out this task. Even if they are not bad scammers, many people charge hefty fees.

To learn if you are eligible or to apply for management, visit It is worth up to 252 pounds per annum and one person must earn less than £12,570 to qualify.

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