Save $100 on unlocked Pixel 6 Pro: No Mass Effect Attached

If you already use Google for your brand, calendar, in the cloud, and every other aspect of your life, it’s hard to beat the pixel convenience of your phone. And if you want to add some powerful tools and resources to stick to it, then check out Google Pixel Pro 6. Google is the most advanced phone in modern times and one of our favorites in the market by 2022″.

Now, snag an unlocked copy for $100 off at Amazon. The 128GB model drops up to $799, and the 256GB model up to $899. And since it’s ‘opened’, you’re free to activate it with a carrier, or just use a Wi-Fi device.

According to CNET reviewer Andreas LanxonThe Pixel 6 Pro is one of the best mobile phones you can buy in 2022 because of its “strong training, great software additions, unique design and excellent camera features”. It is equipped with impressive 12GB RAM, as well as Google’s custom Pixel Tensor processor that is optimized for mobile. It has a 6.7-inch OLED display with a 120Hz rate of recreation, incredible smooth performance, and a 50MP camera and 4X optical zoom for truly amazing photos. It’s IP68-rated water resistance, meaning it can sink up to 30 minutes in one meter of water, and boasts up to 24 hours of combat life in a single crime.

There’s no clear expiration on these discount deals, but on the latest and greatest mobile phones it rarely lasts a long time. We’d certainly recommend purchasing your order now if we hope to launch one of these pixel mobile features for this price.

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