T-Mobile has another ‘Un-move carrier’ locked and loaded (yes, already)

It is widely criticized for following the example of competitions all the wrong ways in the coming months and greatly reducing the impact of industrial disruption once in a year on using an un-carrier; T-Mobile has yet another big “move” plan for tomorrow.

So, Magenta CEO Mike Sievert will announce … some “via video” on 7 AM Pacific Time tomorrow, June 16, and is the nation’s second-largest wireless service provider to subscribers. he tells us so much today.
There are no specific details or even useful information to help us crack the mystery of this “Nearest Un-Carrier Move”, and although technically Sievert start making hype about “some big top customers” yesterday on Twitter, that the teaser was still awfully vague.
Bottom line, we have no idea what might be coming, which is equally youthful and annoying. I very much doubt that T-Mo is going to be turning the wireless industry with so little warning and actual noise around this event, which also comes a tad later in the morning. a great introduction to May 4 Internet Freedom is a program for consumers and small businesses.
The “Un-carrier” in recent memory was hardly exciting, and it’s certain that the longer, more detailed campaign got the buzz and buzz building. In other words, it’s probably wise not to get too excited, although at least we can all be certain T-Mobile’s Home Internet service will be moving out of schedule this time around.

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