T-Mobile watches the popular old feature not changed following customer outcry

Well, here’s what you don’t hear every day. U.S. carriers can also listen to subscribers’ plans (from time to time) and are able to change their policies. One certainly bore, that is, who was never so inflexible as his industry had ever been of his rivals.

While that may sound like a small change to the impact of quite a small number of users, Reddit, Twitter, and other online communication channels are immediately inundated with negative reactions.

At least T-Mo’s image of the mobile network operator has been heavily threatened by issues and preferences, so it’s not totally shocking to see a change… again.

IF YOUR JUMP! The 1.0 feature is still active on your account, and you’re free to keep it even after October or if you’d like to “upgrade” to the 2.0 program at any time. Although quite similar in concept, the two differ greatly in their momentum (at least in some cases).

When you JUMP! With 1.0, you can easily connect to your device twice a year, instantly! 2.0 technically offers unlimited upgrades…but only after screening 50 percent of the cost of each phone, you’ll want to ditch that in favor of a newer model.

For many people, that 50 percent requirement made JUMP unlimited! Program 2.0 is downhill compared to 1.0, and if you’re a part of that group, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can use the feature before you can continue using it.

Better yet, that complimentary additional upgrade offered in April to mitigate migration isn’t going anywhere, and can still be released through October 6, even if you’ve already gotten two seals of upgrades over the last 12 calendar months. That’s a pretty big step forward in terms of customer service!

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