Tech News LIVE updates: iPhone 14 launch, new Apple Watch, solar storms, asteroids and more

The incredible image of Venus from NASA!

Check out this stunning image of Venus captured during NASA’s Magellan mission. Click here to read the full story: NASA shares a stunning image of Venus captured during the Magellan mission

Solar activity at a record level!

Numerous solar flares and coronal mass ejections have been spotted erupting from the Sun in the past week. Will this solar activity affect the Earth? Here’s what you need to know. Read here: Solar activity at an all-time high!

A new entry-level Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch range could receive a new entry-level model this year that is cheaper than the Apple Watch SE. Here are all the details: Apple Watch becomes the cheapest model ever? Here’s how it could kill budget smartwatches

Asteroid approaching Earth

A huge asteroid the size of an airplane is on its way to Earth! Is the planet in danger? Here’s what NASA has to say about the asteroid. Check: A spooky airplane-sized asteroid is heading towards Earth today! NASA reveals flight path

Remember iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X launched a class of ultra-luxury $1000 smartphones bringing the latest in smartphone technology. Find out what made it stand out: iPhone Throwback: 2017’s iPhone X invented the $1,000 flagship, and that notch

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