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When it comes to tech, getting a new upgrade makes up for a lackluster spring with too much snow and too much cold in the air.

I’m late to the party, but after thinking and calculating the numbers and the long-term fun of anticipation, I finally upgraded to a lovely Sierra blue iPhone 13 Pro with an amazing camera system. The robust ability to do more with photos and videos was too much to pass up and my iPhone X goes on to help another iPhone user upgrade their gear. Using iCloud, it’s an easy data transfer to set up the new phone. Buying a new phone comes with the daunting task of choosing a new Otterbox case to protect it and getting Zagg glass for screen protection. Even dropping a phone on a hardwood floor or dropping it from a large vehicle onto a concrete sidewalk hasn’t surpassed phones protected by Otterbox cases. The Symmetry line even comes with an integrated, recessed PopGrip.

The iPhone 13 Pro looks amazing and the speed and performance it brings are worth both the wait and the upgrade package, especially when shooting video. I’ll detail more of its benefits, such as greater capacity for low-light photos and cinematic mode for video, in an upcoming Tech Savvy. MacRumors recently cited DisplayMate, stating that “iPhone 13 Pro Max has the best smartphone display, which earned an A+ rating thanks to ProMotion technology, HDR, peak brightness, color accuracy, contrast ratio, and more. “.

One of the cool features that Apple comes with with the purchase is an offer to have a virtual session with a specialist to go over the features of the new phone or cover anything you have questions about or want more detailed information on. to get the most out of the new phone.

While the iPhone 13 was released in late 2021, new options were announced earlier this month at Apple’s March 8 event. No matter what budget or how much time you’re willing to spare for an upgrade, there’s an iPhone option to match. Last week we went over some of the upgrade and new product announcements from Apple’s March event and it continues, this time with a look at the iPhone SE and iPad Air.

Apple is also bringing its Apple Silicon advancements with its A15 bionic chip in the iPhone13 to another iPhone, adding it to the iPhone SE, at a more affordable price with a smaller phone.

“We continue to add new users to iPhone at a faster rate,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the virtual Apple event. “In fact, last fall we added more new users to the iPhone 13 lineup than in any of the previous five launches.”

The A15 chip means the iPhone 13 is faster – apps load faster, graphics run smoother for games, photography tools are improved, and there’s better battery life and faster charging when the battery needs more juice. The iPhone SE also now has 5G for faster high definition streaming, gaming and downloads for FaceTime.

iPhone SE features an aerospace-grade aluminum design, with the toughest glass in a smartphone on the front and back.

Courtesy / Apple

Apple reports that the new iPhone SE also has the “strongest glass in a smartphone, is water resistant, and offers more camera options for photos and videos. It also has Touch ID to use a fingerprint to unlock the phone, open apps and make purchases with Apple Pay. The new phone includes all the upgrades that came with iOS 15.

“iPhone helps you control your personal information. For example, as you browse, Safari smartly helps block trackers from profiling you and shows you which ones have been blocked in your Privacy Report,” Apple reports.

Users can also share movies and music while in FaceTime. The new iPhone SE is available in midnight, starlight or (Product) Red, with every purchase contributing to a global fund to fight COVID-19.

Apple said in its presentation that iPhone 8 users, who may have been waiting for an upgrade, will see a substantial difference in performance. The iPhone SE starts at $429 – or $17.87 per month for 24 months – for the 64GB; or $479 for the 128GB; or $579 for the 256GB; and there’s cash to trade in an iPhone 8 or newer.

Cook described it as an option for existing users who want “a very capable and compact iPhone” and for those using the iPhone for the first time.

Other announcements included the addition of green to the colors available for the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 starts at $699 for a mini before trade-in discounts from an older model or $799 for a 6 screen, 1 inch or $999 for the iPhone 13 Pro before trade-in. .

Apple iPad Air in multiple colors
The powerful and versatile new iPad Air comes in a stunning array of colors and features the Apple-designed M1 chip, a new ultra-wide front camera, super-fast 5G, and more.

Courtesy / Apple

Other products highlighted include the new iPad Air, with the addition of the M1 chip for faster performance whether in games or for content creators. The Air will also feature Center Stage, which uses the ultra-wide front camera for things like those FaceTime encounters, so even when people are moving, they’re kept in frame. Being so light and portable, the additional performance capabilities and keyboard options of the iPad Air make it an attractive laptop alternative.

iPad Air now has 5G and adapts to Apple’s options for keyboards – either those that fold over the iPad with its cover and put the iPad in an upright position, or the Magic Keyboard, with keyboard and trackpad.

Magic Keyboard offers the best typing experience on iPad Air with its integrated trackpad and floating design.

Courtesy / Apple

The iPad magnetically connects to the Magic Keyboard and is adjustable for viewing angles. The keys are backlit and the entire design folds into a case to protect the iPad. iPad Air is also compatible with Apple Pencil, allowing users to use the pencil to draw, create, color, and transform handwritten notes and drawings into presentations, graphics, or typed content.

The new iPad Air, in space gray, starlight, pink, purple, and a new blue, starts at $599.

A new version of iMovie includes a storyboard and helps people create videos. The new iMovie will be available in April.

The new iPhone SE and iPad Air are now available.

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