Tech & Science Daily podcast: Spotify says Apple is “stifling competition”


More anti-competitive criticism has been leveled at Apple.

Spotify accused them of “stifling competition”. The music streamer has called out the tech giant for its 30% audiobook commissions and rules that make the process of buying an audiobook on Spotify “far too complicated and confusing”.

There has also been a backlash over their recent changes to their rules on NFT-powered apps.

In other Apple news, the company has confirmed that the iPhone is getting USB-C, but they don’t seem to be too happy with it.

In an interview, Apple marketing manager Greg Joswiak said “obviously we’ll have to comply” with the new EU rules while criticizing them for the e-waste implications and inconvenience to customers.

Discovering the secret communications of more than 50 marine animals could rewrite what we know about evolution.

Research suggests that all vertebrates that breathe through their noses and use sound to communicate descend from a single ancestor 400 million years ago.

Google and Microsoft hit by slowing advertising, report finds climate change threatens global health, and EE launches monthly cybersecurity packages.

Plus, scientists discover six new species of rain frog in Ecuador, a mummified boy buried in an unmarked grave 400 years ago is identified, and TikTok’s favorite emu, Emmanuel, could be something of a drama queen.

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