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The annoying reason you’re having trouble setting up your new iPhone or iPad – and it’s not your fault


IF YOU are one of the millions of people who received a new iPhone or iPad this Christmas, you’ve probably had some setup issues.

Each holiday season, many Apple products are given as gifts that more than a few users have difficulty activating their devices due to the overload of Apple’s servers.


Tens of millions of iPhones were given away this Christmas.

Offsets in the cloud not only affect activation, they can also slow down and in some cases completely interfere with signing in to iMessage and FaceTime.

Last year, Apple even posted a statement on its website that addressed the issue.

The company wrote: “We are currently experiencing high capacity impacting your ability to set up iCloud, please try again in a few hours.”

In cases where Apple has not issued any statement or System Status Page identified anything as dysfunctional, users can typically find complaint forums on Twitter and Reddit.

This year, the problem persisted among many new users, although the number of complaints was lower than last year, according to 9to5Mac, a website that covers news on all things Mac.

A Twitter user by the handle @ krisjj78 tweeted on Christmas Day: “Guys got a new iPhone today, why does my iMessage say it’s been waiting for activation for a few hours now?

Twitter user @ ME1223D also said his new iPhone 12 has so many “many lag spikes”.

This user also mentioned that his phone was still having issues despite restoring it “before iOS beta”.

One Reddit user took it upon themselves to share useful links with users who were having trouble activating their iPhone.

“Apple’s activation servers are overloaded when everyone gets their new devices on Christmas, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your new device; just be patient :-)” , wrote the user at the beginning of the message.

The user is then linked to a Apple Support page that suggests restarting your device, connecting to a reliable Wi-Fi network, and waiting a few minutes between reactivation attempts.

And if those steps don’t work, Apple recommends trying to activate your device on a computer through iTunes.

A number of Apple devices face lags around the Christmas period every year.


A number of Apple devices face lags around the Christmas period every year.Credit: Getty

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