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Mobile gaming has come a long way from the likes Flappy bird and running in the temple. While those titles can easily be played with one thumb, the more common games now need a bit of “oomph” if you want to have any kind of superior performance.

In addition to having a phone that is good enough to take care of your games so that you can run your life smoothly without any equipment, it never hurts to look at the market to see how your experience can be enhanced. When it comes to mobile gaming, there are few accessories that really take your story to the next level. Whether it’s good to enjoy playing OL’ Fortnite, The cry of office or * Minecraftnone of these games would be so easy to play without a compatible controller or joy stick on your phone.

Below, we’ve rounded up the must-have mobile gaming accessories if you want to take your experience from good to great.

The best mobile game accessories to feel like a pro

Mobile phone controller

Image: Razer

The first phone accessory is the most obvious: to bypass all the beating, you need to get your hands on the mobile phone.

The Razer Cishi console brings a level of closure wherever you go. Compatible with Cloud game services including Xbox Game Pass, Stadia and Steamlink, this game controller will allow you to play all online games and more. Its clickable analog thumbsticks allow for greater accuracy and convenience in hunting so you can shoot em without breaking a sweat. Unlike a mobile gaming controller, since it connects directly to the phone port, you won’t have to worry about any lag.

Alternatively, Backbone One is a great universal option that has the look and feel of an Xbox or Playstation controller. Regardless of which side of the console war you’re in, this controller will plug into your phone (like a reverse Nintendo Switch), so you can enjoy the familiarity of the D-code of your choice.

Where to buy;

  • Razer Cisi:
  • Backbone One:

Or a back-lit Bluetooth controller

8BitDo is a handy mobile game controller
Image: 8BitDo

If you enjoy gaming with a nostalgic feel, you’ll love this retro 8BitDo Bluetooth controller. Compatible with Android and various consoles such as your Nintendo Switch, this mobile gaming controller gives you a vintage, but with a modern experience.

Boasting a flexible joy stick, ergonomic design and a scratch-resistant ABS shell, this wireless controller will give you a light mobile gaming experience online and a nostalgic kick.

Where to buy; Amazon ($79.95) | Big W ($79) | eBay ($97.95)

Mobile game clip

Mobile gaming clip allow you to add in the controller
Image: Otterbox

If you prefer to use your favorite Xbox controller, then this mobile game clip will allow you to keep it on the go.

Otterbox’s sturdy clip allows you to securely turn your smartphone into a mini console so you can play any of your favorite shooters on the go.

Where to buy; Amazon ($48.94) | eBay ($39.95) | Otterbox ($39.95)

Razer Phone Cooler Chroma

Razer phone cooler Thracum
Image: Razer

Even from just streaming Twitch for hours on end, your phone’s backup can start burning up. But if you put it in activity mode to play your favorite AAA games, then it could be on your way to buying a new phone a little earlier than you planned. After all, overheating your phone can lead to decreased performance and battery degradation – both of which we don’t want to see when we’re at the top of our game.

That’s why placing this phone’s cooling fan is a saving grace. It uses a heat sink to absorb and dissipate excess heat to extend the phone’s lifespan. While you are sharpening that mini fan to make your smartphone experience a buzzing mobile experience, you would be surprised to know that only the tiniest sound is emitted from this Razer cooler.

Where to buy; Amazon (100.81) | eBay (1440.19) | Razer (103.95)

finger sleeves

finger sleeves
Image: Newsseego

Okay, enough about teachers. If you already know your way around a few mobile games, you’ll know that sometimes your fingers can get stuffed. We’re talking about how surprisingly sweaty your fingers can be sometimes after a while and leave dust all over your screen.

By playing with a pair of finger sleeves, you will find that any sweat is absorbed immediately and you won’t have to worry about moisture being left on the phone any longer.

Thanks to the non-slip texture, these finger sleeves are also great for avoiding operational errors, so you can enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

Where to buy; Amazon ($39.08) | eBay (18.71)

A pair of wireless earbuds

Razer wireless earbuds
Image: Razer

As far as gaming brands go, Razer has positioned itself well as a reliable go-to accessory. As with many of their products, the Razer Hammerhead wireless headphones are equipped with all the features and features you’re looking for in a pair of gaming earphones.

It features an ultra-low latency connection, 13mm drivers, an accessible touch interface, voice control and Bluetooth compatible auto-pairing. Oh, and it’s waterproof.

Where to buy; Amazon ($116.37) | Grab ($71.89) | eBay ($90)

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

Razer Anzu bluetooth glasses
Image: Razer

Well, these are pretty cool. Not only are these blue light filtering glasses, but if you want one gadget for yourself, the Razer Anzu also doubles as a pair of headphones. Featuring low latency audio, a built in mic and speakers, these sunnies are the perfect accessory when you’re out and about but want to go with only the essentials handy.

Although they are on the expensive side, they are well worth the effort if you want your mobile gaming experience to be shot.

Where to buy; Amazon ($230.13) | eBay (190.99) | Razer ($31.95)

Micro SD card

Extreme MicroSD card
Image: SanDisk

Since most mobile phones have an internal storage capacity starting at 128GB, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can fill it up when your entire life is contained in one device. From your photo library to your social media accounts and your expansive game library, it’s time to ditch the micro SD card when your smartphone gives you the dreaded “Memory is full.”

SanDisk is a fantastic provider of micro SD cards that will help you expand your internal storage. The SanDisk Extreme Pro is rated A2 in terms of faster app loading and performance, making it the best choice for gathering your mobile games.

Where to buy; Amazon ($39.95)

ASUS ROG Phone 6

please phone 6
Image: ASUS

Honestly, if you’re serious about mobile gaming, then you might want to ditch your off-the-shelf iPhone and ROG Phone 6.

Zac Kelly, who is a big mobile hunter and one of our friends at Gizmodo Australia, has given this bad boy his firm seal of approval. While it has a few springs on the back like a “panel” game, Zac praised its seamless performance, lack of bloatware, great battery life and cool backlighting. Sounds like a lot of action to us.

Where to buy; Amazon (1,769.08) | JB Hi-Fi (1,799)

There are other mobile marketing options to consider

Blue light glasses
Image: Cyxus

With all the games, you’re tied to the clock for hours on screen time. But to protect your vision, you need a pair of light blue filtering glasses (if you’re not already myopic). You see, long-term exposure to HEV blue light can eventually result in blurred vision and vision loss. With this pair of blue glasses ($7.49) you can reduce the risk of common problems while gaming, such as fatigue and headaches.

Next, it is good to keep the phone screen bright and well free, especially after spending hours every day. For $9.99, you can get 10 microfiber cleaning cloths that are so gentle they won’t leave marks or scratch the glass.

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