The iPhone 14 may get THAT emergency feature that the iPhone 13 missed

Will the iPhone 14 bring the satellite connection feature that was supposed to come with last year’s iPhone 13? Know what the latest report says.

The launch of the Apple iPhone 14 still seems months away, but there’s already an overload of information about what may or may not come with the phone. Rumors and leaks reveal all the secrets of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 and its variants. We know all about the design, camera, memory and even the expected price of the iPhone 14. And now the latest reveal from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hints at a new feature that has been missed by the Apple series iPhone 13 from last year. We are talking about the “satellite connectivity feature”. Sound familiar? That’s because talk of satellite connectivity never died down even after it found no place on the iPhone 13!

Last year, before the launch of the iPhone 13, several reports announced the debut of satellite connectivity for iPhones. But of course it didn’t make it to the phone. The iPhone 13 and its other models were launched last September without a satellite connectivity feature. And now the discussions around the satellite connectivity feature for iPhones have resumed. What will satellite connectivity be used for? It will allow iPhones to connect to satellite networks in an emergency.

Gurman, in his report, said: “The company is also working to eventually bring satellite connectivity to the Apple Watch, paving the way for emergency texting and SOS response capabilities. It plans to release these features on iPhone this year.”

With the iPhone SE 3 already launched, the next iPhone expected this year is none other than the iPhone 14. If Gurman’s advice is correct, it means that the iPhone 14 would introduce satellite connectivity, which will allow iPhone to connect to satellite networks in the absence of cellular and Wi-Fi connections. However, it is unclear whether the feature will roll out to the entire iPhone 14 series or just the Pro models, as most of the expected upgrades should be included there.

If the iPhone 14 will come with satellite connectivity, it will prove to be a great help for people stranded in remote or rural areas, or perhaps for someone in an emergency situation. However, after the iPhone 13 misfire, whether the satellite connectivity feature will find room on the iPhone 14 will only be confirmed with the official arrival of the iPhone 14.

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