The iPhone’s New Lock Screen on iOS 16 is bigger than you think!

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Think about how often you check yours iPhone every day. Now repeat the first thing you see when you take up the screen screen. The current version of the main iPhone has no more time to display, display notifications, and provide access to the camera and speed lamp.

But that is to change on iOS 16that” Apple announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday on Monday. The upcoming iPhone update is likely to happen with this debutere iPhone 14″It will bring new content along with other personalization options to the lock screen. Time is completed as well.

To put it bluntly, the screen’s iteration feels dated. wearing an Apple Watch Over the past few years I have regularly realized how useful it can be to get information on my wrist for information on the weather, the formation and the next turning point. There is no reason why my iPhone lock screen is not as useful. It really surprises Apple to take this long to apply these features from the Apple Watch to the iPhone.

Having more information on the lock screen is both a necessity and a necessity. Smartphone remote control has gradually become like many other gadgets in our life smartwatches, wireless earbuds gadgets and connected homes. The lock screen could be key to managing fixed gadgets, easy and convenient.

iOS 16’s new lock screen is a much-egeting refresh

iOS 16 lock screen content galleries

You can choose new films from iOS 16 this year.

Apple / Screenshots via CNET

with iOS 16 launches this event, will support the lock screen Apple Watch-like contents that provide information at a glance. Weather, action progress, combat levels, alarms, your workout workout and game scores are all examples of information points that you can see without unlocking the phone.

It’s not just your screen that is improving on iOS 16; The background photo will also receive a major upgrade. The new screen locks will be able to separate the device from the device and will attach an image-like effect to the extra-focus cinema background image. You can lock your camera screen aesthetic as an aesthetic commentary, as the time and time after the subject launches your image, and elements like colors and fonts will also be customizable.

But this is the content that I look forward to most iOS 16. As you can see, you can now access your iPhone’s contents from the lock screen. But swipe right to see. The new content will live on iOS 16 directly on the home screen, and the icons will look more similar to the Apple Watch.

Having more information at a glance makes it easier for me to cut down on screen time. The more specific I can see without unlocking my phone calls, the less likely I am to get lost in my inbox, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. This is the same reason why Apple always wants to bring a display to the iPhone. We haven’t seen this at WWDC, but the new capsule-friendly lock screen seems like a worthy substitute.

Crack the Live Activity tool at the bottom of the screen

Here’s another example of a film type that arrives on iOS 16. They’re called Live Activities. There is no way to see the progress of a real-time workout, sporting event or Uber ride from your iPhone screen.


In 2022, it doesn’t seem unthinkable to use your iPhone’s passcode or biometric lock. But this security can also make accessing your phone like a speed bump, especially when you consider the number of common tasks that can only be performed when your phone is unlocked. I don’t want to type in my passcode or swipe to the right to check for weather conditions, see how close my book is, or make me AirPods still have enough battery for my commute home. With these new contents, the archived screen has been able to perform its job of surmounting the bits of information you want to see within sight, while those that are more personal than private are protected.

Even I can’t help but feel like Apple has to Android catch adding new lock screen functionality. Companies like Google and Samsung have long understood the value of the lock screen, proven that it has always been offered in games for years. Google has also introduced new features for pixel lock screen on phones as part of a renovation announced on Monday.

Office e lock screen on iPhones evolving

A tap to pay for traffic between two iPhones

Apple Pay is the new tap to pay. Another sign is that Apple’s wallet is becoming an increasingly important part of the iPhone.


With the evolution of the iPhone and Apple Watch, some accessories and features directly from the screen have been made even more impressive. Apple wallet a great example. Being able to mount passes and event tickets appear on the lock screen, a large part of what makes Apple’s wallet so convenient. The Apple Bag is also a big part of iOS 16 and Apple’s ambitions to store physical wallets.

We will likely see even more functional lock screen technologies as the iPhone expands and technologies become more and more prominent. Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a wireless standard that makes it easier for iPhones to be compatible for more precise detection. This is what your iPhone can lead you to ruin AirTag With turns directions, for example, and the technology also promises to do better phone work, such as digital car keys.

Over the long period, our UWB phones could help get more intelligent about the circumstances and perhaps unlock your car as you approach its door, as my colleague Stephen Shankland writes. As our mobile phones connect more easily to increase the quantity of the worst of everyday things like cars and thermostats, all the pertinent information on the lock screen will be more efficient. With the new Google pixel update, for example, you can see what’s in front of your door from the lock screen if you have a nesting doorbell.

For now, many iPhone owners will likely be most excited about the effects of new camera options and customizations on the lock screen. But Apple iOS 16 and beyond think that the Compensation screen is more important than that.

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