The Oscar ‘CODA’ would have boosted the viewing of Apple TV+

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A new report claims that Apple TV+ has seen a significant boost in new viewers thanks to “CODA” winning the Best Picture Oscar, and the movie itself is being watched more.

Apple never releases meaningful viewing figures for Apple TV+, but apparently “CODA” produced a marked spike in the streamer’s fortunes.

According to Variety, an unspecified source believed to be close to Apple, claims that “CODA” received 300% more views in the week after its win than the week before. The same source says that overall 25% more new viewers joined Apple TV+, again within a week of the win and compared to the previous week.

In the absence of actual numbers, it is impossible to draw conclusions from these claims. However, given that “CODA” can obviously be watched by both new and existing viewers, a 25% increase in new viewers resulting from just a 300% increase in viewing seems less than stellar.

It is true that new users must choose to log into the service with their Apple ID. So the 25% increase can’t be attributed solely to, say, new iPhone SE buyers who get three free months of Apple TV+ with their device.

However, all users get a free trial of a certain description. Buyers of new devices get three months free or one month free trial of Apple One including Apple TV+.

Every user also gets at least the first week of free trial.

So while the increase in new viewers isn’t a bad thing, no matter how many there are, the question is how many will be left.

Ratings firm Nielsen now tracks streaming providers, including Apple, but its public records are about three weeks behind broadcast dates. So it’s too early to see if “CODA” made the chart, but in the latest numbers dated March 6, 2022, no Apple TV+ shows made the top ten.

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