There’s never been a worse time to buy Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is fast approaching its second anniversary and, by the sounds of things, the end of its life.

Launched in September alongside the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE was and remains one of the best Apple Watch models created by the company, offering many great features that make the Apple Watch exceptional without the high price of its latest and greatest models.

Even today, the Apple Watch SE looks like an attractive choice in the lineup thanks to its bargain price and the fact that it’s considerably better than the aging Apple Watch Series 3. But if you’re currently planning an Apple purchase Watch SE, then you should stop by, as a refresh of the entire lineup is almost certainly on the way.

Apple Watch 2022: what’s in the pipeline?

This year could be one of the biggest revisions to the Apple Watch lineup in the product’s lifetime, according to the rumors and leaks we’ve seen so far. That’s because Apple wouldn’t have one, not two, but Three new models are planned, including the all-new Apple Watch SE 2 to replace the current budget option.

Rumor has it that the Apple Watch Series 8 could mark a design change from the previous Apple Watch Series 7 model – but polishing the design makes it more likely that it will retain the same design with some internal feature changes to the place. The upgrades are rumored to include a new display size and possibly a new satellite communication feature for SOS. Another big focus would be health with temperature detection, among other things.

A new Rugged Apple Watch “Explorer” model and a new Apple Watch SE are also reportedly on the way. WatchOS 9 also ends support for the Apple Watch Series 3, which will likely be removed from sale when news arrives.

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As for when all of this will take place, it’s likely that the Apple Watch will be unveiled alongside the iPhone 14 in September of this year, just based on what happens historically. This means that in a few weeks Apple will probably revamp the entire face (watch) of its Apple Watch line, which means that if you can afford to wait a little longer, it’s definitely worth it. TO DO.

Why wait to buy an Apple Watch?

First, you’ll likely have three new models to choose from when choosing your Apple Watch. Even if you don’t want any of the new models we’re planning to arrive later this year, all current models in the lineup should get some sort of price cut, and while they might not be available when buying directly from Apple, buying third-party at places like Amazon could net you savings you might have missed buying in the summer.

As noted, the new Apple Watch SE might offer better and improved features for roughly the same price as the current model. However, at the very least, the price of the current SE model will drop in value. The same goes for the Apple Watch Series 7, which you may be able to buy for the price of an SE once the Series 8 is announced.

Even if you don’t want the latest and greatest Apple has to offer, it’s still worth skipping the summer months of July and August to wait and see what Apple has in store for the fall. If you do, hopefully you’ll actually be surprised, either getting more for your money or the same Apple Watch for less.

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