This application tells you about saving your mobile phone in a minute

This application tells you about saving your mobile phone in a minute

It’s often normal to see iPhone users looking at files battery safety a lotion Apple is something that allows it to do on IOS and this is in Android doesn’t have battery settings. know battery status It is important to know if independence problems arise from the problem battery safety. Today we are telling you to learn how to save the battery on your device android phone Thanks Very simple and free app.

how to check battery health on your android phone

By default, Android manufacturers do not include section for “battery safety» In device settings. The data is hidden and is only permitted to be submitted to certain customization layers. It’s not a big deal if you use an app like the one we’ll show you today.

App Ampere is one of the few companies that has spread on Google Play with enough quality to be credited. There are hundreds of apps that promise to detect and save battery repair using their own software or cells. Our recommendation is that you are trying to get as much accurate data as possible.

  1. Ampere app from google apps Download
  2. Turn it on and go to the section “Safety”
  3. See the results

Much great information about this application Smartphone batteryincluding health conditions. Thanks for the results you can find out more about it what is your mobile phone battery? and draw conclusions. If you see less autonomy and take notice of weak health, you’ll have an answer.

It might be a very good idea to change your mobile phone battery

the Fight change It’s one of the simplest fixes that can be done on your smartphone. It’s also one of the most effective when the device is a year or two years old, as its battery is likely to be within range 70 or 80% of the total capacity.

can you change battery Better performance and greater autonomy every day. Restoration is one that you can do yourself with some tools and steps.

And Ampere tells you that Your battery safety It’s one of the best investments you can make Buying a new battery and dumb. If you go to the property, they will charge a regular 40-50 euros/dollars for doing this.

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