This iPhone 13 Pro upgrade convinced me a lot – and you can still get it

Back in September I was able to talk about iPhone 13 Pro editing. I decided I wanted to keep my iPhone XS faithful for one year. After nights offloading apps and deleting images (I had less than 1GB of storage), I bit the bullet and bought the iPhone 13 Pro this week.

I am a Verizon subscriber and have no intention of jumping ship from another carrier. That meant that most of the iPhone 13 deals lists had gone to me. But there is a lot that I have confirmed for the upgrade.

Apple’s trade-in device can get you from $30 to $650 on your iPhone 13 Pro purchase. Major trade-ins are reserved for the newer mobile. However, I was surprised that Apple was offering me a full $200 trade credit for my iPhone XS, which, although in good condition, could no longer be charged via cable. Then, the traffic-in value of my iPhone XS was just a step forward, so I decided it was time to use the Pro.

The iPhone works just a few months later, but at the end of the day I went to Apple for a few reasons. I tried the first unlocked model and all iPhones that are sold at the Apple Store are open. This way I can avoid Verizon fees and pop into my SIM card if I go anywhere.

Besides that, I wouldn’t be swayed by the dated 5G unlimited. There are a lot of great Verizon Wireless phone calls to existing clients, but many — if not all — require you to provide unlimited information to make changes, such as my monthly phone plan for about $50/month ($600 per year). .

In our iPhone 13 Pro review we praise the phone for its 120Hz display, performance, and cameras. Actually, I noticed no speed performance from my iPhone XS’ A12 Bionic notebook. (To be fair, I still hit my new iPhone beyond Netflix, Apple Music, and the occasional Mario Kart game).

What I did once you noticed, was that the display was amazingly bright. Netflix’s crime-noir drama My Name , for example, watched amazing on the iPhone 13 Pro display. Although there are a lot of obscure, dark scenery, packed with bright and subtle action clocks that I watched on my iPhone.

The iPhone 13 Pro camera system is also a huge upgrade from the iPhone XS, especially in low-light situations. Overall, the iPhone 13 Pro has been one of my favorite technology purchases for the past 12 months.

If you like shopping for your iPhone 13 Pro, I’ve rounded up the best deals you can get right now:

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