This is when all of you last used your phone as a hotspot

Your phone hotspot or phone feature can be available when you want internet access on your computer or tablet on the go or if your home’s internet image goes out. Many postal services offer dated appearance fastenings. In many countries, carriers also provide free hotspot facilities. With so many links and so many different combination devices that can be used, we wanted to know how many of our readers are actually using this feature and have used it since last. Here’s how our voters voted.

When was the last time you used a hotspot phone?


Our survey was submitted to 1,560 votes at the time of writing. 52% of our hotspot/tethering phone feature went out in the same week. Which means they used, recently compared to other conventions. Even the majority of voters in our franchise are showing Android Authority using frequent hotspot readers.

Meanwhile, 17% of votes said they used the feature in the next few weeks, and 5% said they used it within the past month.

8% of readers haven’t used their mobile in the last few months, while 5% said they last used the feature in 2021! Then there are also those who have not used string for a few years (5%) and some who have never used the option (8%).

Your comments

megatomic: Each time in the field I start to work on the system SCADA customer twists having to hotspot to file files, support, etc. It is a necessity for me.

Paul: I’ve undertaken a task to change it every time I connect with Bluetooth and my Android car turns it off if nothing connects with it. This is only a long journey if I travel with kids on board online

Mat Kenny: A hot spot to use frequently, it helps to use a variety of devices at all target children, and always works smoothly.

Chris Laarman: 1) I only have mobile devices (cord cutter). When doing something similar on a desktop OS upgrade, I’ll use the option to use my MiFi button, so that I can check this function and my daily operations (via my MiFi) to prevent it. 2) Fun for this Android audience: My Apple mobile devices can’t upgrade directly via a SIM card, they need to upgrade via WiFi. So it may be used as another hotspot (or MiFi).

Shizuma: While the past few years have caught a little cheating because of the pandemic, before that pandemic I used it every day of the week, when I used it on my tablet while working and 20gb+ for a month I used to operate it, but I am working from it. I don’t need home because I have 300Mbps files. However, I’ve kept my legacy on because I don’t have a separate hat to fasten, just keep my regular monthly cap off when I’m waiting for it to finally come back to use again a lot.

David Page: Support board use and incentives (automatically) from home.

Lamar Taylor: A car crash and fire brought out my WiFi in the area 3 weeks apart. It used to be a temporary hotspot on my business phone and finally got a breeze. I am using my hotspot at hotels where free wifi is super slow. I don’t use it every day, but it is a great feature that comes available when needed.

Joe Black: I use it more often, like my “work phone” I don’t have honest advice for paying.

Doug Paice: At that point I use either public service or a personal WiFi connect device. Also when I get out, I want to connect my daughter’s board to the net. I also just tie it up with my raspberry pi e.

I receive 80GB of unlimited data on my phone (Telstra, Australia) but don’t think otherwise than just data binding, it’s one big pool. Never get close to using them all.

Razin Keelath: Usually I use a hotspot when my friends are asking me to share the internet. No worries

Walter Kowalski: He has worked at home and hasn’t traveled too many places in his office since the pandemic bleeds. I completely forgot to use hotspot.

I live in a rural area in central Texas and my only hot mobile is internet access.

Jeff Schmitz: Especially when I work outside of my office or home the Internet goes down.

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1. Blocking between different destinations, I don’t want to return any thread forever.
2. They have a long journey, and a line in a larger network. Those with coverage issues tether to either of them have a valid code.
3. Windows. Until this type of work appears to be portable to the built-in cellular components.
4. For the cheapest added bundle, there’s no data free for limited lines.
5. Public WiFi is vulnerable, often terrible, and sometimes not free.

coal686: I’m Magenta Max, but my wife loves Google Fi. When they charge data and receive 40GB per month hotspot, the strings are compatible with my data.

Jeffrey Gouse: I’m on Verizon’s 5G Plus plan, so I have 50GB 4G/5G hotspot data per month (before being choked). I enjoy day-to-day work every day. I work in a classroom with one specific autistic student, and honestly, it’s easier and less frustrating—for both of us—to use my Google Classroom as a premium-grade Chromebook rather than a school district-issued budget Chromebook.

Resuna: Every time I go to a restaurant with my wife so that I can play my words with friends on the table.

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