Upgrade from SE 1 to 12 Mini – My Experience

Hello MR readers, just sharing my experience of upgrading my iPhone SE 1 to iPhone 12 Mini. I’ve been using the 12 Mini for about 4 months. I got 12 mini in offer price of around ~$450. In my country, 13 Mini sells for around $930, which is more than double the price of 12 mini. Not worth it IMHO.
  1. Screen size and weight: Both are small in size and comfortable to hold. But Mini delivers more content with a small increase in physical size. A slight increase in weight seems to be acceptable considering the increase in screen real estate.
  2. OLED screen quality: I see a marginal improvement here. Both are good IMO. Compared to my desktop iPhone Xr, I see a slight improvement in the OLED display in dark mode only. In Normal mode, the LCD screen and OLED look the same.
  3. Speed: Day and night difference as expected. A9 still works well, but Mini’s A14 makes all tasks super fast. See a huge improvement in installing apps and software updates in particular.
  4. Face ID: Face ID works great and faster than Touch ID from SE (Touch ID from SE is 1st gen). Wearing a mask is not very embarrassing outside, but remains manageable.
  5. Camera: As expected, difference in quality between day and night. SE 1 still takes decent photos and videos compared to some of the recent mid-range Android phones.
  6. Software Support: Although both are running the same iOS version, I encountered some issues in apps in SE1 (maybe due to small screen size, not tested properly). Mini works very well.
  7. Drums: See a small increase in battery life. I don’t play games. FB, Insta, Twitter are installed on my iPad. Only some news apps, WhatsApp, Banks Apps are installed. Both served my “phone” purpose. The iPhone 13 Mini may have improved battery life. (My company Xr lasts more than a week with Mail, Skype and 2FA apps. But it weighs much more and is not comfortable to hold, use, carry in pocket)
  8. Wireless charging: Do not use. So there is no difference

So overall I’m happy with the upgrade after 4.5 years with SE 1. I still have SE 1 for backup. (Rejected trade worth around $100 when upgrading). Share your experience if you upgraded from SE1 to 12 or 13 Mini.

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