Which Beats headphones are powered by Apple’s H1 chip?

Select Beats headphones are powered by Apple’s H1 chip, enabling features such as one-touch pairing, audio sharing and auto-switching.

Beats Headphones are often an inexpensive and fun way to get the latest headphone technology, as the brand sports the Apple H1 chip in some models. The company’s line of in-ear and over-ear headphones are characterized by their vibrant colors and association with brand ambassadors, including legendary founder and producer Dr. Dre. Apart from the notable musician, Beats is also connecting with popular celebrities and athletes to promote the brand. Headphones can be seen at concerts, on professional sports fields and on the street every day. More recently, the company teamed up with reality TV star Kim Kardashian to create a range of skin-tone Beats. However, beyond eye-catching looks and branded offerings, some Beats headphones are powered by the latest Apple technology, which brings an assortment of cool features.


Apple acquired Beats in 2014 and has since incorporated some of its internal features and silicon into the company’s products. At first, the Cupertino-based tech giant imposed some of its preferences on Beats headphones, like the Lightning connector. In recent iterations of Beats products, however, headphones have become the best of both worlds between Apple headphones and third-party alternatives. Some Beats headphones contain both an Apple processor – to enable features exclusive to the company’s products – and a USB-C connector. That’s a significant difference from AirPods, which still use the outdated Lightning standard. But to make sure a pair of Beats will have the latest features, it’s important to know which models contain the Apple H1 chip.

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The Apple H1 chip is the company’s latest headphone technology, but not much is known about the processor’s exact specs. It was designed to replace the W1 chip, Apple’s first headphone processor found in the original AirPods and some Beats headphones. Depending on the tech specs of a pair of headphones, an included H1 chip can enable features that many would expect to be exclusive to the AirPods lineup. These features include one-touch pairing, audio sharing, and automatic switching between Apple devices.

All beats powered by Apple H1 chip

There are two pairs of Beats headphones powered by the H1 chip: the Powerbeats Pro and the Beats Fit Pro. The “Pro” versions of Beats headphones contain the H1 chip, but other models don’t include the latest technology. Even recent product releases, like the Beats Studio Buds, are not powered by the H1 chip. That doesn’t mean other products don’t support some of the intuitive features that are enabled when an Apple device is connected – all Beats, even without the H1 chip, support one-touch pairing for connections. fast to Apple devices.

However, the inclusion of the H1 chip on the Powerbeats Pro and Beats Fit Pro enables certain features not seen on any other Beats product. The most notable feature is automatic ear detection – the H1 chip included in the earphone pairs can detect when one or both earphones are placed in the wearer’s ear. This can be an important factor in buying truly wireless in-ear headphones. The H1 chip can automatically play and pause music when an earphone is taken out, and can put the earphones to sleep when placed on a table or surface, even when they are outside the case. Although many Beats products receive notable Apple features and technology, the H1 chip represents the company’s latest advancements and is included in the Powerbeats Pro and Beats Fit Pro.

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