Will the AirPods Pro 2 offer USB-C charging instead of Lightning?

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 wireless headphones are expected to launch later this year, but will they come with a USB-C charging case instead of Lightning?

Apple is expected to ditch its proprietary Lightning port in favor of USB-C in all of its devices, but does that mean the AirPods Pro 2 will also come with the universal connectivity standard? While most consumer electronics companies use USB-C charging in their devices to comply with global standards, Apple is one of the only major holdouts that still uses its proprietary charging interface. However, the company is also expected to change course soon and adopt USB-C charging in its iPhones from next year.


Apple’s change of heart is apparently the result of regulatory actions in Europe and the United States. Earlier this year, three US senators, namely Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, wrote to the US Department of Commerce, asking for a comprehensive policy to mandate a common charging standard for mobile devices in the country. The move followed proposed legislation in the European Union requiring all mobile gadgets sold in the region to use USB-C ports for wired charging. According to the EU, the policy will reduce e-waste and save consumers 250 million euros ($267 million) a year on unnecessary charger purchases.

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Lots of people are clamoring for Apple to switch to USB-C, but that apparently won’t happen with the AirPods Pro 2. According to a recent Tweeter by TF International Securities analyst and leading Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo, AirPods Pro 2 may not come with USB-C charging cases. However, while AirPods Pro 2 might stick with Lightning, Kuo says Apple plans to release USB-C charging cases for all AirPods models next year.

USB-C cases for all AirPods

Interestingly, Kuo did not specify whether Apple will sell USB-C charging cases separately for older AirPods models or whether the new charging cases will come with all new AirPods purchases, regardless of model. . However, given Apple’s propensity to sell necessary accessories like charging adapters separately to earn a few extra bucks, it won’t be surprising if the company decides to sell the USB-C enclosures separately.

Apple has often been criticized for not using standard ports and connectors on its devices. iPhone buyers have long pressured the company to switch to USB-C, but that hasn’t happened so far. Frustrated by Apple’s inaction, a Swiss YouTuber named Ken Pillonel added a USB-C port to an iPhone X last year just to show how easy it is to make the switch. Earlier this year, DIY enthusiast Yang Changshun also modified a standard iPhone 13 Pro Max with several new hardware features not offered by Applefeaturing a USB Type-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack, dual fans, and larger battery.

Source: Ming Chi Kuo/Twitter

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