Your Apple TV+ subscription needs this epic soundbar deal

It’s a universally known truth that TV speakers SUCK. If you’re still using them to watch your favorite shows on Apple TV+, I’m afraid to say you’re missing something. This Klipsch soundbar will give you exactly what you need, complete with a subwoofer for that extra kick.

Improve your Apple TV+ experience

Have you ever watched an episode of For All Mankind and wondered why something was missing? Of course you have; you are only human. It’s like the whole sound lacks weight, like there isn’t something that should be. I can tell you what you need to fix it – better sound equipment.

Usually I would say, ‘get a surround sound system! It will sound great and you will hear things you could only hear in the movies! but the looks I usually get remind me that living rooms are common places, and having fifteen different speakers scattered around the room is antisocial. Instead, almost everyone should invest in a soundbar.

The Klipsch one is perfect. There’s 400 watts of power, so it’ll be loud enough for anyone’s needs. The conical tweeters will work in tandem with the forward-firing midrange drivers for fabulous stereo separation in action shots, while some smart tech inside centers dialogue. The sub can be hidden behind a couch and provide all the rumble and explosion accents you could want.

Add a new Apple TV 4K and you’re off to audio town. Looking for something else? Here are the best speakers for Apple TV 4K.

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